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adidas NMD Helicopter shoot by Freshcotton


adidas and Dutch online retailer FreshCotton have teamed up for a unique shoot to introduce the brand new adidas NMD series into the world. The adidas NMD is designed for the modern nomad, who moves between cities and values comfort and design. This inspired the Amsterdam based FreshCotton to take the adidas NMD on a special trip, 1000 feet above Amsterdam. The adidas NMD Runner_R1 PK was taken onto a helicopter which flew over the Dutch capital. Well known locations like Central Station, the Rijksmuseum and the historic canals serve as a beautiful backdrop for a photo shoot where the adidas NMD dangles in the air over the edge of the chopper. The unique shoot is accompanied by a behind the scenes video. FreshCotton in an Amsterdam based onlline retailer, founded in 2001, which specialises in streetwear and sneakers. The adidas NMD Runner_R1 PK will be available on December 12, 10:00 am CET, on

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